Sun Lakes Country Club

A message from Homeowners Realty

Bruce Goetz, Homeowners Realty

Recently we have been hearing from some of our residents that they are unaware that our HOA owns a real estate company (Sun Lakes Homeowners Realty). The truth is that Sun Lakes Homeowners Realty not only sells homes in all of Sun Lakes (including Cottonwood, Oakwood, Ironwood and Palo Verde), we also sell homes throughout the entire metro Phoenix area.

Profits from the sale of homes through Homeowners Realty (regardless of whether or not they are sales actually in Sun Lakes) bring in more than $1,000 per home sale that goes directly to the association. Last year, in Sun Lakes alone, over $136 million in property was sold – mostly by outside companies! You can see how helpful it would be for our association and our community to bring as many of these transactions as possible to Sun Lakes Homeowners Realty.

We need your help in spreading the word by letting your friends and neighbors know that we are the only local real estate company in Sun Lakes and we have many knowledgeable agents that can assist you in either selling an existing home or finding a beautiful new home here in Sun Lakes or anywhere in the Phoenix area. Please stop by our office (located on the west side of the Clubhouse) or contact us by calling 480-895-9100. You may also visit our website at