Sun Lakes Drum Circle

Julia Norton

Happy 2018! The Sun Lakes Drum/Sound Circle played music with many different kinds of musical instruments. There where 20 people playing store-bought ones, some purchased used ones and some that were handmade with recycled containers. We had many new people attending and sharing our sounds with the world. John Seigla played his saw, and Linda Reecer and Vivian Cook played their empty coffee canisters. What fun we had meeting new people and sharing our love and musical offerings to the world. We even sang a Christmas carol on the last round of sound. What a great way to ring in the holidays.

For those of you who wonder what a drum/sound circle is, it is drumming, rattles, bells and whatever you have for musical sound. The intentions are for spiritual empowerment, a celebration of Mother Earth and the full moon and a way to relax, unwind, get out of the house and meet new people. Our meetings are held the Wednesday of the full moon week each month. Come and join us for a short meditation and lots of sounds.

January has two full moons. January 1 is the first full moon, the Wolf Moon. Our gathering for that week will be Wednesday, January 3. The second circle for January will be held on January 31 after the January 30 Blue Moon (second full moon in any one month). They will be held at the Sun Lakes Country Club Friendship Room at 6:30 p.m. to about 8:00 p.m., but you are welcome to come any time. Bring a drum, rattles, bells or any other kind of musical instrument; saw not required. I have a few toys to play with but need more drums to beat! Bring your empty coffee containers, or I used a large protein powder drink container.

Look for the entrance sign for the Friendship Room on the outside wall by the covered parking, southwest corner of the country club building.

For more information, you can email [email protected] or call Julia Norton at 480-823-7410.