Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation December Services

Joyce Spartonos

As I sat at my computer thinking of what to write about the Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation, (SLJC), it occurred to me that this past calendar year was truly a unique one for our congregation. Not always “good” unique, but unique nonetheless, and the “good” is what I’d like to reflect upon.

I believe SLJC did an outstanding job of keeping our monthly services on track and available to all its congregants, first through technical means (via YouTube) and then adding in-person to the mix (once it was determined this was safe to do), thus enabling us to remain closely connected to one another. The way things look now, SLJC will continue along the same path for the foreseeable future, although our Oneg Shabbats may, hopefully, be making a comeback soon. We’ll see.

And now, here we are already in December, winding down 2021 and looking forward to an easier and healthier 2022. Services are happening on Friday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m. in the Sun Lakes Chapel in Sun Lakes Phase 1. Hanukkah, which usually falls in December, came early this year, beginning Nov. 28. However, there’s no doubt SLJC will be celebrating this happy holiday (a tad late, but that doesn’t matter at all). Rabbi Wiener will continue to deliver his beautiful sermons, and the choir and cantor will fill our hearts and souls with their remarkable musical talents. You can’t ask for more than that! Come join us and see for yourselves what we’re all about. Our doors are always open and welcoming to the entire community.

Till next time, Shabbat Shalom!