Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation news – November 2014

Rabbi Weiner and Cantor Ronda Polesky

Rabbi Weiner and Cantor Ronda Polesky

Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation is an established reform congregation of over 400 members that meets at the Sun Lakes All Faith Chapel on the second Friday of the month beginning in November at 7:30 p.m. Services are a great opportunity to meet new people, connect with Judaism and learn. New attendees are invited to be introduced at the service and members of the congregation connect with these attendees. SLJC dues are $150 person.

Our community represents a diverse and inclusive membership, where all congregants are welcomed with warmth and respect. Our members represent varied traditions, practices and beliefs and we are dedicated to providing a place that meets the needs of our Jewish community just like so many other Jewish congregations like KHN (get more information). Our experience is enriched by rabbinic and lay leadership as we pursue educational, social, spiritual and religious programming to achieve a sense of kedusha-holiness within our lives.

We affirm these values:

Torah: A commitment to Jewish learning in order to deepen our knowledge and observance of Judaism.

Avodah: A devotion to Jewish worship, by creating varied opportunities for spiritual fulfillment.

Gemilut Chasadim: An active engagement in the quest for greater justice, peace, acts of loving kindness and social responsibility.

The SLJC Choir and Cantor are known far and wide for the spirit and joy that fills the air each and every time they sing their melodious renditions of prayers and blessings. There are many members in the choir and they come from all expressions of faith. It may be called the Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Choir, but it consists of individuals of all faiths.

The SLJC Choir is looking for members. If you are looking for a journey that will lift you to great spiritual heights, call Lana Oyer at 602-524-5936 or please come to a rehearsal on most Tuesdays starting September 2 from 3:00-4:30 p.m. at the Sun Lakes Chapel Center.


SLJC Sisterhood is a social group that supports both the congregation and local charities through our annual fund raising Card Party and ongoing Toys From the Heart program, with monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month.

Men’s Club

SLJC Men’s Club is a social club for men who are members of the Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation. We have monthly meetings with guest speakers on various topics, monthly dinners and visits to places of interest in the Phoenix area.

Israel Committee

This committee focusing on providing the congregation information on news of events in Israel.

Caring Committee

This committee supports congregants during time of life events.


The Shpiel is our on-line newspaper which is published electronically on a monthly basis to keep our members informed of activities with the congregation and community.

Ritual Committee

This committee supports the services and religious events of the congregation and is led by our Rabbi.


SLJC has a WEB site at Please see our WEB site for additional information.

Mark your Calendar:

On December 21 a Hanukkah Party Celebration will occur at Oakwood Country Club at 4:00 pm. Let us rejoice together at our “Festival of Lights.” Buffet dinner with derides and candles to light, a great Hanukkah night, a time to laugh, a time to remember, a time to play and a time to share. Good food and fun for all ages. Reservation forms are available on the Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation website.