Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Services Feb. 14

Joyce Spartonos, Publicity

The Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation, as always, would be delighted to have you join us for services on Friday, Feb. 14, at 7 p.m. in the Chapel in Sun Lakes.

Under the esteemed leadership of our wonderful Rabbi, Irwin Wiener, we’ll be celebrating Tu BiShvat, The New Year of the Trees. While this is not one of the most well-known holidays, it really speaks to wonderful things, especially ecology and the environment, which the Rabbi will explain in detail.

Also, let’s not forget the month of February brings to mind thoughts of hearts and flowers (and decadent boxes of luscious chocolate) and love everywhere. Rabbi Wiener is certainly going to address and fully expound upon the theme of love and caring.

In addition, the magnificent voice of our cantor, Ronda Polesky, and our choir, under the direction of Lana Oyer and accompanied by Shea Marshall, are the best ever!

We are a warm, welcoming congregation with a variety of programs for everyone. So, if you’re unaffiliated and looking for a temple to join, come see what Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation has to offer. I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!