Sun Lakes Ladies Pitch and Putt

Joni Wetzel (left), Hole-in-One on January 17, with Mary Harper

Linda Welchlin (right), Hole-in-One on March 28, with Mary Harper

Arlene Fletcher

We lucked out on March 14. The wind died down, the rain stopped and the sun was out! What more could we want? We all wore green to honor St. Patrick’s Day. To make the game more challenging, we could only hit the ball with a putter! That sure made for an interesting game. The first-place team of Jan Sykes, Jo Solie and Jolene Vermeire had a score of 23. Second place, with a score of 24, went to the team of Rosemary King, Leslie Hagemeister and Jane Parker. Well done, ladies!

It was a little windy on March 21, but some claimed that it helped their game. First place honors, with a score of 25, went to Janice Cosgrove, Dawn Planting and Jo Solie. Two teams tied with a score of 26. They were the team of Holly Dockter, Rosemary King and Donna Smid and the team of Sue Miller, Elayne Hested and Taylor Herst.

March 28 was our final game day for the season. Mary and her crew had set up challenges on a few of the holes. Lots of laughter came from the course as we tried to overcome those additional handicaps. Linda Welchlin entertained us all with her “hole-in-one” on number eight. Congratulations, Linda! You now have the third “hole-in-one” since our Pitch and Putt League was established. The winning team for the day with a score of 20 was the team of Judi Smith, Unni Foster, Leslie Hagemeister, Pat Heidmannn and Linda Welchlin. There was a tie for second place, with a score of 23. The honors went to the team of Jo Solie, Jan Lemon, Rosemary King, Janice Cosgrove and LouAnn Olsen and the team of Gail Colberg, Jane Parker, Arlene Fletcher, Donna Smid and Anna Gay Pahlow. Sue Miller had the longest putt (16 feet, 3 inches) on number 9, and Rose Galagher was closest to the pin on number 2.

Following golf, we met inside the Sun Lakes clubhouse for a wonderful brunch. Awards were handed out for Holes-in-One, Hitting the Tree on Number 7 and Hitting a “Live” Duck. As we reminisced over a fun and eventful few months, we were reminded that we will all be back together again on January 2, 2020, for another fun-filled season.