Sun Lakes Lady Golfers 18 Holers results

Nancy Field

Red, White and Blue:

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Dang Parker, Terri Mandt, 2nd Julie Hamlin, 3rd Linda Hillyard; Flight 2: 1st Debbie Martin, 2nd Judi Kilgus, 3rd Dori Winchester

Best Nine Net Holes:

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Dang Parker, Jan Fletcher, 2nd (tie) Debra Emerick, Iris Cannaday, Joyce Switzky, Kelly Dennis, 3rd (tie) Judy Wegener, Pinky Kubiak; Flight 2: 1st Debbie Martin, 2nd Catherine Lajune, 3rd (tie) Barbara Thompson, Tricia Colombe

Water Holes:

Flight 1: 1st Dori Winchester, 2nd Julie Hamlin, 3rd (tie) Karen Kolis, Marci Koppelmaa; Flight 2: 1st Linda Ryland, 2nd Pat Benson, 3rd J.M.


Flight 1: 1st Dang Parker, 2nd Debra Emerick, 3rd Kelly Dennis; Flight 2: 1st Betty Reagan, 2nd Catherine Lajune, 3rd Pat Benson

Tee times continue in September. Fill out a request with your name and time you would like to play, add $3.00 and put in a plain white envelope and have it in the box on Saturday.

Summer League Tournament will be held on September 13 at SLCC. Check the bulletin board for further information. The golf course will be closed from Monday, October 23, to November 12 for overseeding. It will open again on Monday, November 13.