Sun Lakes Lady Niners

Sheila Barton

Lots of golfers think cold weather will cause the ball to fly shorter, and while that’s true, the biggest reason why you lose distance in cold weather is because of the weather’s effect on your body. When it’s cold, you won’t be able to turn as far or swing as hard, which means your swing speed will drop and you’ll hit shorter, accordingly. This is especially true early in the round when you’re not warmed up from all the walking and swinging. Accept it. Understand that you won’t have your usual speed, so focus on hitting the ball on the sweet spot rather than risking injury forcing speed you don’t have. Take an extra club or two and aim for the fat spots on the green. Work your way into a groove based on playing what you have, not on what you don’t.

The Sun Lakes Lady Niners certainly aren’t afraid to play in the cold. The game for Dec. 7 was Low Putts, and the winner in Flight 1 was Irene Anderson, in Flight 2 Ann Michals, and in Flight 3 Beverly Jur. On Dec. 14 the game was Low Net Shotgun. Joann Brown and Dottie Wodraska tied for first place in Flight 1, and Beverly Jur won in Flight 2. On Dec. 21 the game was Blind Holes, and Wanda Chihak won in Flight 1, Ann Michals and Joann Brown tied for first in Flight 2, and Arlene Fletcher won in Flight 3. On Dec. 28 the game was ONES, and the winner in Flight 1 was Joann Brown, and the winner in Flight 2 was Beverly Jur.

Well, that’s it for 2021. Let’s hope for a happy and healthy 2022. The Sun Lakes Lady Niners are always looking for new members. Please contact President Irene Anderson at 612-669-2666 if you would like to join or to talk about joining. The new membership form is available in the Sun Lakes Pro Shop. The Sun Lakes Lady Niners provide a very supportive and welcoming environment. Please consider coming out and hitting a ball and having a ball with them.