Sun Lakes Lady Niners

Summer play attendance is waning due to ladies leaving for the summer and others choosing indoor activities versus golfing in the heat! However, some brave souls still play and encourage others to join them for some very early tee times. You must make a tee time at the pro shop. If you want to play with other Niner ladies, please call Phyllis Swanson at 480-883-3819 or Verla Matuschka at 480-883-2762 and ask to be included with other Niners.

Recent net winners:

5/09. Lorraine Brammer 31, Dottie Wodraska 31, Verla Matuschka 31

5/16. Dottie Wodraska 23, Verla Matuschka 28, Phyllis Swanson 28

5/23. Phyllis Swanson 30, Myrna Graves 31, Lorraine Brammer 34