Sun Lakes Lady Niners League Play

Dottie Wodraska

December continued the fun of robust league play for the Sun Lakes Lady Niners in spite of the colder weather. The Sun Lakes Lady Niners is a fun group of ladies of all ages and golfing abilities, from beginners to more advanced levels of play. A different game is played each week based on handicap to provide everyone a chance to win. The Lady Niners golf at Sun Lakes Country Club on Tuesday mornings at 9 a.m. (10 a.m. during the colder months of December and January). The monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m., with golf following at noon.

The second general meeting of the league was held on Jan. 9 at Mulligans. President Linda Stimart welcomed everyone. Vice President Susan Geis distributed the Sun Lakes Lady Niners Association Membership Booklets for 2024, and protocols were reviewed. Awards for chip-ins and birdies were distributed as well. Discussion ensued regarding upcoming tournament participation at SunBird Golf Club and Apache Wells Golf Club. The winners of the 2023 Club Championships were announced as follows:

2023 Overall Club Champion: Rosie Raisanen

2023 Flight 1 Champion: Rose Gallagher

2023 Flight 2 Champion: Linda Stimart

2023 Flight 3 Champion: Janice Cosgrove

2023 Presidents Cup: 1st Elizabeth Valentine, 2nd Rosemary King, 3rd Susan Geis

2023 Most Improved Golfer: Paula Lovelett

The results of the games played during December are as follows:

12/5/23 – Low Putts

Flight 1: 1st Joanne Jenkins, 2nd Cheryl Flood, 3rd Paula Lovelett

Flight 2: 1st Kathleen Mlynarczyk, 2nd Susan Geis, 3rd Rosemary King and Anne Michals

Flight 3: 1st Jackie Aagaard and Cheryl Kern, 3rd Carol Moser

12/12/23 – Blind Partner

Team: 1st Jan Cartier and Carol Moser

Team: 2nd Paula Lovelett and Susan Geis

Team: 3rd Joanne Jenkins and Janice Cosgrove

12/19/23 – Non-Water Holes

Flight 2: 1st Gina Long, 2nd Jan Cartier, 3rd Elizabeth Valentine and Susan Geis

Flight 3: 1st Joann Brown, 2nd Patrice Cox, 3rd Jackie Aagaard

12/26/23 – Blind Holes

Flight 1: 1st Paula Lovelett

Flight 2: 1st Jan Cartier, 2nd Elizabeth Valentine, 3rd Janice Cosgrove and Dottie Wodraska

Flight 3: 1st Ardyce Gison, 2nd Joann Brown, 3rd Sheryl Anderson and Carol Moser

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who comes out to play and have fun. Playing in the colder weather can be a little challenging, but remembering to dress appropriately using layering will help you stay comfortable throughout the round.

A Welcome Back and Awards Brunch was held on Jan. 13 at Jan Sykes’ home.

The Sun Lakes Lady Niners are always looking for new members. Please contact Linda Stimart for more information at 815-298-8415. The Sun Lakes Lady Niners provide a very supportive and welcoming environment. Come join us.