Sun Lakes Lady Niners News

Sheila Barton

The month of March is National History month and a great time to take a brief look back at the history of women’s golf. In 1910, Harper’s Bazaar magazine featured a woman golfer on its cover with the title, “Learn Simple Ways to Swing a Golf Club and Lower Your Score.” In 1950, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) was started and held its first official tournament season. The First U.S. Women’s Open had a first-place prize of $1,250. In 1950, the total purse at the U.S. Women’s Open was $3,500. The 2019 Women’s Open had a total purse of $5 million. Since 1950, golf has seen many fabulous women golfers who continue to make us all proud of the game we love.

The Sun Lakes Lady Niners only had three days of league play in February, the fourth being our Home & Home with the ladies from SunBird.

The game on Feb. 3 was Low Putts. The winner in Flight 1 was Lavonne Mensink with 15, in Flight 2 Joann Brown with 16, and in Flight 3 Yvonne Manore with 17. On Feb. 11, the game was Blind Partner, and the first-place winners were Fran Kleinstuber and Dottie Wodraska, 2nd place winners Sharon Fratiello and Rose Gallagher, and 3rd place winners Joann Brown and Roz Pederson. On Feb. 18, the game was Low Net, and the winners were Rosie Raisanen in Flight 1, Fran Kleinstuber in Flight 2, and Roz Pederson in Flight 3.

The Home & Home with SunBird was held on Feb. 25 at the Sun Lakes Golf Course. Next year, it will be held at SunBird. They were welcomed with a continental breakfast and treated to lunch after golf. Will post the results from SunBird and Apache Wells in next month’s article.

Again, February was a great month for the Sun Lakes Lady Niners who are always looking for new members and create a very supportive and welcoming environment. Please consider coming out and hitting and having a ball with them.