Sun Lakes Lady Putters

New members of the Sun Lakes Lady Putters Monday Flight are (left to right) Terry Porter, Carol Virkler, Judy Brotherson, Harriet Teson, and Mary Jo Wheeler.

Susan Gottschalk

The Holiday Luncheon will be held on Dec. 3, in the San Tan Ballroom at Cottonwood. Our lunch is a choice of Chinese chicken salad or tuna croissant with fruit, and each served with dessert. Cash and other prizes will be awarded to the lucky winners in the raffle drawing, which highlights the afternoon.

Monday Flight:

Nov. 1: 1st Phyllis Schager, Terry Porter, Camille Jasien

Nov. 8: 1st Shauna Bragg, Sherill Brouhard, Sharon Darnell, Susan Gottschalk


1st Sharon Gouthro, Kathi Bobek, Sherill Brouhard, Teri Danaher

Tuesday Flight:

Nov. 2: (tie) Betsy Wedeward, Cheryl Freeman, Carol Hegyes, Marianna Bapple and Jane Cambridge, Jean Doerr, Fanny Catey, Dianne Burns

Nov. 9: (tie) Jean Doerr, Rony Lacey, Sharon O’Sullivan, Vicki Rath and Jane Cambridge, Elsie Krueger, Dianne Burns, Marianna Bapple


1st Jean Doerr, Kathy Tomasewski

Tuesday Oakwood Flight:

Nov. 9: Judy Massey, Mary Mozis, Theresa Newton, Mary Olmstead


1st Shirley Werab, Marybeth Smith, Leona Skeate, Theresa Newton, Mary Mozis, Dianna Milkint, Janelle McClellan, Joyce Lund, Chris Knudsen, Sharyn Engler, Chris Bethany; 2nd Judy Massey; 3rd Carol Leavitt, Jean Larson

Wednesday Flight:

Nov. 3: 1st (low score) Genie Rotchford, Mary Kunzelman; 1st (high score) Bev Perrott, Sylvia Lee

Nov. 10: Carole Stone, Mary Alice Clifford, Jo Bryant, Mary Kunzelman


1st Lori Dykstra, Roxanne Algrim, Genie Rotchford, Janice Wipf, Jan Stuckey, Donna Wolmutt