Sun Lakes Lady Putters

Winners of the raffle drawings were (left to right) Colleen Foley, Monica Lovrein, and Sharon O’Sullivan.

Susan Gottschalk

The spring luncheon was held April 1 at Cottonwood. The ladies were encouraged to wear their spring bonnets, and many wore a lovely hat. We all voted for the “best” hat, and Joyce Lund was declared the winner. The SLLP donate to local charities by raising money through raffle drawings.

Monday Flight:

March 14: Shauna Bragg, Sharon Gouthro, Sharon Darnell

March 21: Jan Cartier, Teri Danaher, Sherill Brouhard

March 28: Shirley Hutchings, Phyllis Schager, Shauna Bragg, Mary Jo Wheeler

April 4: Teri Danaher, Judy Brotherson, Mary Jo Wheeler


1st Camille Jasien, Harriet Teson; 3rd Colleen Foley, Shirley Hutchingsy; 4th Shauna Bragg, Kathi Bobek, Teri Danaher; 6th Judy Brotherson; 7th Mary Jo Wheeler; 10th Sherill Brouhard

Tuesday Flight:

March 15: Kathy Mindnich, Roseann Soczka, Sharon O’Sullivan

March 22: Elsie Krueger, Lucy Geller, April Garrard, Monica Lovrein

March 29: No play due to weather

April 5: Lucille Rahilly, Cheryl Freeman, Kathy Mindnich


1st M.J. Stubbe; 3rd Gail Colberg; 4th Gail Colberg, Judy Mugrage; 5th Kathleen Downing, Monica Lovrein, Dianne Burns

Tuesday Oakwood Flight:

March 15: (tie) Carol Leavitt, Rosemary Neal, Ann Newton and Marge Duggan, Linda Kenney, Jean Larson, Madeline Mazzei

March 22: Linda Hittenmillre, Inez Kirscht, Janell McClennen, Marybeth Smith

March 29: Marge Duggan, Shanyn Engler, Marybeth Smith

April 5: (tie) Shanyn Engler, Shari Hurst, Marilyn Kasper, Ann Newton and Linda Hittenmiller, Joyce Lund, Robin Robertson, Susanne Rotsch


3rd Jan Abbey; 5th Janell McClellen, Jan Abbey; 6th Mary Mozis, Bettie Farr; 7th Carol Crane, Mary Olmstead; 8th Inez Kirscht, Linda Kenney, Linda Hittenmiller; 9th Jean Larson, Susanne Rotsch; 10th Robin Robertson; 12th Vicki Mendenhall, Shirley Werab, Marilyn Kasper; 13th Marybeth Smith; 14th Ann Newton; 15th Rosemary Neal, Madeline Mazzeil; 16th Chris Kibler, Joyce Lund, Shari Hurst; 20th Marge Duggan, Shanyn Engler; 26th Carol Leavitt

Wednesday Flight:

March 16: Arla Albertsen, Carole Stone, Judy Hester

March 23: Rita Lobello, Lu Walk, Connie Hogan, Jan Stuckey

March 30: Judy Hester, Carol Stagger, Donna Wolmutt, Cindi Fernandez

April 6: Donna Wolmutt, Carol Stagger, Carole Stone, Gloria Brockman


2nd Bobbie Wall; 3rd Lu Walk, Judy Hester, Denise Sodaro; 4th Jan Stuckey, Cindi Fernandez; 5th Carole Stone; 6th Bev Perrott