Sun Lakes Lady Putters

Selling raffle tickets at the December holiday luncheon are Kathi Bobek (left) and Jan Cartier (right).

Susan Gottschalk

Behind us is the cold, wind, and rain that kept us home some weeks during January. Now we are enjoying blue skies and fresh air as we putt. Mark your calendar! The spring luncheon is April 7 in the San Tan Ballroom in Cottonwood. Flyers with details will be with your flight leader soon.

Monday Flight:

Jan. 16: Rain

Jan. 30: Anne Freyer, Shauna Bragg, Jan Cartier

Feb. 6: Sharon Darnell, Sharon Gouthro, Sue Schumacher


1st Susan Gottschalk, 9th Shauna Bragg

Tuesday Flight:

Jan 17: (tie) Kathy Mindnich, Julie Little, Sharon O’Sullivan/Ginny Kinch, Dianne Burns, Kathleen Downing

Jan 24: Weather, no play

Jan 31: Weather, no play

Feb. 7: Joanne Agopian, Carol Hegyes, Vicki Rath


1st Julie Little, Joanne Agopian; 2nd Vicki Rath; 3rd Dianne Burns, Ginny Kinch; 8th Kathy Mindnich

Tuesday Oakwood Flight:

Jan. 17: Dianna Milking, Sam Palmatier, Susanne Rotscht, Marjean Scheele

Jan. 31: Marge Duggan, Linda Hittenmiller, Joyce Lund, Marybeth Smith

Feb. 7: Linda Hittenmiller, Shari Hurst, Judy Thompson


2nd Barb Frank; 3rd Karen Tvedten, Connie Harper, Pat Burnham; 5th Diane Freeberg, Madeline Mazzei, Sam Palmatier, Marjean Scheele, Vicki Mendenhall; 6th April Garrard, Judy Thompson, Chris Knutson; 7th Shirley Werab, Dianna Milkint; 9th Susanne Rotscht, Ann Newton; 10th Joyce Lund, Linda Hittenmiller; 11th Carol Leavitt, Marilyn Kasper; 12th Chris Kibler, Linda Kenney; 14th Marge Duggan; 15th Carol Leavitt; 17th Shari Hurst

Wednesday Flight:

Jan. 18: (tie) Judy Hester, Donna Wolmutt, Debbie Beausejour/Jan Stuckey, Bev Perrott, Vicki Camp

Jan. 25: Gloria Brockman, Debbie Beausejour, Sylvia Lee

Feb. 1: Jan Stuckey, Lori Dykstra, Denise Sodaro

Feb. 8: Vicki Camp, Debbie Beausejour, Donna Wolmutt


1st Sylvia Lee, Debbie Inglis, Rita Lobello; 2nd Terry Sporleder, Judy Hester, Lizz Bradley, Jan Stuckey, Donna Wolmutt; 3rd Gloria Brockman, Nancy Chadderdon, Carole Stone