Sun Lakes Lady Putters

2024 Sun Lakes Lady Putters Board of Directors (left to right): Carol Wenger, Susan Gottschalk, Sylvia Lee, Marge Duggan, Toni Reider, Kathi Bobek, Connie Hogan, Camille Jasien, Peggy Vergburgt, Olive Hadsell, and Mary Jo Wheeler. The installation of President Mary Jo Wheeler, Vice President Peggy Vergburgt, Secretary Kathi Bobek, and Treasurer Camille Jasien was conducted during the business meeting. (Photo by Judy Brotherson)

Susan Gottschalk

The busy holidays are over for another year. The decorations are put away, and our homes are in order. We are grateful for the many opportunities shared with our families and friends with good company and lots of good food. Our new year 2024 is here, and we are settling back into our routines. We look forward to hosting our winter visitors coming to enjoy the Arizona sun and hope to see you on the putting course.

Monday Flight:

Dec. 11: Phyllis Schager, Colleen Foley, Sharon Darnell, Olive Hadsell

Dec. 18: (tie) Camille Jasien, Jeanette Stites, Arlene Tucker, Kathy Adams/Sharon Darnell, Shauna Bragg, Sharon Gouthro, Olive Hadsell

Dec. 25: Holiday

Jan. 1: Holiday

Jan. 8: No play, weather


1st Camille Jasien, 2nd Judy Brotherson, 3rd Colleen Foley, Linda Lafuze

Tuesday Flight:

Dec. 12: Joanne Agopian, Julie Little, Kathleen Downing

Dec. 19: Lu Walk, Cheryl Freeman, Judy Mugrage

Dec. 26: Joanne Agopian, Dianne Burns, Kathleen Downing, Rosann Soczka

Jan. 2: Kathleen Downing, Rosann Soczka, Wanda Johnson

Jan. 9: No play, weather


1st Toni Reiter, Mary Miller; 2nd Lu Walk, Cheryl Freeman, Joanne Agopian, Alice Willites, Wanda Johnson; 3rd Judy Mugrage, Rosann Soczka

Tuesday Oakwood Flight:

Dec. 12: Carol Crane, Shanyn Engler, Barb Frank Madeline Mazzei

Dec. 19: Linda Hittenmiller, Margaret McCabe, Madeline Mazzie, Sam Palmatier

Dec. 26: Marge Duggan, Linda Kenney, Margaret McCabe

Jan. 2: Peggy Fawcett, Darlene Reach, Karen Tvedten, Shirley Werab

Jan. 9: (tie) Barb Frank, Lucy Geller, Margaret McCabe, Diane Morice/Linda Hittenmiller, Carol Leavitt, Shirley Werab


1st Paulette Benning, Marilyn Kasper, Lucy Geller; 2nd Marjean Scheele, Sam Palmatier, Ann Newton, Madeline Mazzei, Suzanne Cofman, Peggy Faucett, Diane Freeberg; 3rd Carol Crane; 4th Vicki Mendenhall, Diane Morice, Karen Fiore, April Garrard; 5th Chris Kibler; 6th Marybeth Smith, Barb Frank; 7th Carol Leavitt, Shirley Werab, Linda Kenney; 8th Darlene Reach; 9th Marge Duggan; 10th Margaret McCabe; 11th Diana Milkint, Linda Hittenmiller; 12th Shanyn Engler

Wednesday Flight:

Dec. 13: Debbie Inglis, Debbie Beausejour, Nancy Chadderdon

Dec. 20: Rain

Dec. 27: Debbie Beausejour, Judy Hester, Carol Wenger

Jan. 3: Grace Alvarez, Debbie Inglis, Lizz Bradley, Gloria Brockman

Jan. 10: No Play, weather


1st Carol Stagger, Rita Lobello; 2nd Lizz Bradley