Sun Lakes Lady Putters Results


Susan Gottschalk

Sun Lakes Lady Putters have just started their 17th season, and we’re looking forward to this fun weekly event. The Christmas Luncheon will be held in the San Tan Ballroom of Cottonwood Country Club on Dec. 6, with entertainment provided by the Chordaires. Many raffle prizes will be awarded to the lucky winners.

This season’s flight leaders and phone numbers are listed below:

Sisk Park, Monday, Camille Jasien, 895-8281

Sisk Park, Tuesday, Dottie Dufner, 883-1503

Oakwood, Tuesday, Marge Dugan, 951-1410

Sisk Park, Wednesday, Joy Voight, 802-2889

Sisk Park, Thursday, Marcia Gaudioso, 802-8385

Monday Flight:

Oct. 28, Best Ball: 1st Place: Camille Jasien, Carol Lorenz; Holes-in-One: 1st Sharon Darnell, Diana Laubenstein, Carol Lorenz, Ellyn Martin; 1st and 2nd Pat Martin

Nov. 4, Scramble: 1st Place (2-way tie): Elaine Greer, Sharon Darnell, Susan Gottschalk, Kathi Bobek and Sue Core, Jan Foldenaur, Camille Jasien, June Wagner; Holes-in-One: 1st Lori Becker, Nadine Cordts, Sue Core, Susan Gottschalk, Camille Jasien, Mary Lou Murdock, Pattie Seiberling; 1st and 2nd Jan Foldenaur, Lynn Tulis; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Norma Marsh

Nov. 11, Scramble: 1st Place (3-way tie) Shauna Duncan, Pat Martin, Sharon Gouthro, Bev Herb and Paula Herzstein, Ellyn Martin, Darla Gallentine, Mary Lou Murdock and Norma Marsh, Jane Wagner, Shirley Gosselin, Carol Lorenz; Holes-in-One: 1st Sharon Gouthro, Darla Gallentine, Paula Herzstein, Susan Powell, Jane Wagner

Tuesday Flight:

Oct. 29, Scramble: 1st Place: Jean Doerr, Irene Olson, Susan Anderson, Cheryl Freeman; Holes-in-One: 1st Irene D’Aloisio, Jean Doerr, Susanne Kaufman, Monica Lovrien, Marie Sullivan, Jane Cambridge; 1st and 2nd Judith Howell; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dolly Bruns

Nov. 5. Scramble: 1st Place: Jean Doerr, Irene Olson, Susan Anderson, Cheryl Freeman; Holes-in-One: 1st Irene D’Aloisio, Jean Doerr, Susanne Kaufman, Monica Lovrien, Marie Sullivan, Jane Cambridge; 2nd Judith Howell; 3rd Dolly Bruns

Nov. 12, Scramble: 1st Place: Irene D’Aloisio, Myrna Greene, Laurie Burke, Pat Preckel, Susanne Kaufman; Holes-in-One: 1st Judy Schimpf, Kathy Mindnich; 1st and 2nd Cheryl Verlander; 2nd Irene D’Aloisio, Anna Gay Pahlow

Tuesday Oakwood Flight:

Nov. 5, Scramble: 1st Place (3-way tie): Lorrie Cohen, Sharon Donovan-Reif, Dianna Milkint, Dianne Severa and Alex Brady, Sheila Holland, Ann Tests, Jan Wilkinson and Pat Aragon, Shari Hurst, Inez Kirscht, Paula Lauer; Holes-in-One: 1st Pat Aragon (guest), Alex Brady (guest), Lorrie Cohen, Sheila Holland, Inez Kirscht, Ann Testa

Nov. 12, Scramble: 1st Place: Jan Abbey, Dotty Deschenes, Elaine Legoretta, Jan Lorenzen; Holes-in-One: 1st Vivian Daugherty, Dotty Deschenes, Marge Duggan, Carol Leavitt, Jan Lorenzen, Wilma Schwada, Diane Severa, Marcia Wagoner; 2nd Mardie Traver, Jan Wilkinson, Sheila Holland; 2nd and 3rd Inez Kirscht; 5th Elaine Legoretta

Wednesday Flight:

Oct. 30, Scramble: 1st Place: Judy Hester, Laura Sahlin, Pam Young, Donna Martin; Holes-in-One: 1st Marcia Shaw, Laura Sahlin, Jan Stuckey, Avis Mast, Shirley Keating; 1st and 2nd Joy Voight, Louise Henderson

Nov. 6, Scramble: 1st Place: Judy Hester, Joy Voight, Bobbie Wall, Dot Patrick, Carol Elliott; Holes-in-One: 1st Pat Weitzel, Bobbie Wall, Judy Hester, Carol Elliott, Lee DeLeo, Anna Mae Calgaro, Linda Parfitt, Tanya Bradford, Lori Dykstra; 2nd Maria Shaw; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dot Patrick

Thursday Flight:

Oct. 31, Scramble: 1st Place: Roxanne Manz, Pat Henk, Kay McCormick; Holes-in-One: 1st Edith Evans, Marcia Gaudioso, Pat Henk, Fran Marolla, Anne Reyburn, Nina Scinto; 1st and 2nd Donna Harms, Kay McCormick

Nov. 7, Scramble: 1st Place (4-way tie): Judy Mugrage, Mary Frawley, Bev Lundeen and Barbara Bogar, Lorraine Berg, Jean Steinberger, Fran Schuring and Lu Walk, Arna Pagano, Nina Scinto, Sandra Hansen, and Donna Harms, Margaret Ridgeway, Lorie Librande; Holes-in-One: 1st Carol Ciccarelli, Joyce Winsyrg, Marilyn Brenner, Jean Steinberger, Judy Mugrage, Lu Walk, Eileen Stroh; 2nd Nina Scinto; 3rd Donna Harms