Sun Lakes Lifestyle Survey results

Dear Sun Lakes residents,

Thank you very much to all the residents who participated in our recent online Sun Lakes Lifestyle Survey.

The resident profile that emerges from the Lifestyle Survey indicates that a typical resident:

1. Lives year-round in the community

2. Is retired

3. Eats out at a local restaurant at least two times each week

4. May not necessarily be accessing the Sun Lakes Splash online

5. Keeps a copy of the Splash for reference for some period of time

6. Is likely to use or patronize a business that advertises in the Splash

7. Gets significant benefit from using the Sun Lakes Source Book

This information is extremely valuable to us in working with our local area businesses on products and services that are important to you throughout the year. It’s important for us to be a strong community partner encouraging and supporting local prosperity.

Through your monthly articles and photos, we will continue to make the Sun Lakes Splash the official community news of the Sun Lakes community.

With the help of the three homeowners associations and a strong campaign in the Splash and online, we are committed to making sure the Source Book is the most accurate and up-to-date reference book for the Sun Lakes residents.

We appreciate your recommending the Splash to local area businesses and encouraging them to become an advertiser.

From the staff of:

Sun Lakes Splash