Sun Lakes Lutheran Church welcomes Rev. Bowman

Rev. Dr. Nathan Bowman

Rev. Dr. Nathan Bowman

Marty Patton

The congregation of Sun Lakes Lutheran welcomed Rev. Nathan Bowman, his wife Sharonette and their family with a potluck dinner on October 8 at the Chapel Center.

Rev. Dr. Nathan Bowman was born in Japan. After graduating from Nagoya International School in 1973, Nathan went to Pacific Lutheran University, where he met his loving wife Sharonette. He studied geology and worked in that field until being called to Seminary. They were married in 1976 and are blessed with five children who are now adults.

They were sent to Japan in 1985 and called to Kumamoto in 1987. For 29 years, their family lived on the campus of Jiaien Christian Social Services Center, where Kuwamizu Church was also located. They served three congregations, 11 social welfare facilities, three kindergartens, junior high schools and high schools.

In April, 2016, their parsonage was destroyed by the Kumamoto earthquakes. They continued to minister to a broken and devastated community from their van, tents, and then from their shed. Three congregations they served suffered severe damage from earthquakes.

In August, 2016, Nathan resigned, due to closure of their call by Global Mission of the ELCA, and returned to their home in Peoria, Arizona, culminating 18 years of indirect ministry and 31 years of direct Pastoral Care through the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Nathan and Sharonette have a passion for ministry and service and desire to serve God’s people, both churched and unchurched, regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, nationality or any other criteria. Nathan enjoys woodworking and scroll sawing, and Sharonette loves to teach and sew. Nathan will continue to work for Hospice of the West as a chaplain, while serving Sun Lakes Lutheran Church.

Whatever your faith, we welcome you to join us at Sun Lakes Lutheran Church as we celebrate together the great mercy of God, the amazing love of our Lord Jesus and a life of renewal in the Holy Spirit.

Sun Lakes Lutheran meets each Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. at the Sun Lakes Chapel, 9240 E. Sun Lakes Blvd., followed by Fellowship with refreshments in the Chapel Center.