Sun Lakes Oasis Park 2016 fall session of bocce

Ellen Williams

Keep this on your to do list for 2015-2016! Many of you who may have missed out on this fun while living in Sun Lakes Country Club should come join us in 2015-2016. Oasis Bocce will be at the Community Open Houses for Sun Lakes Country Club and Cottonwood Palo Verde next fall. Be sure to contact Ellen Williams at 480-512-2405 by October 1 if you live in Sun Lakes Country Club and want to join this wonderful fun and cooperative group of seniors. Your last opportunity to register for Bocce league for all residents of Sun Lakes communities will be coming to the Bocce registration days at Oasis Park on October 27 and 28 from 10:00 a.m.-noon. Ellen will also collect your registration fees at that time. We will have some instructional days if you have not played before so you can learn the game and rules.

Oasis Park Bocce will change to two sessions for the 2015-2016 Bocce season. Presently, we play on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. You will need to choose one person to be your partner for the entire year when you register. You can also register as a single player and Ellen will find a partner for you. She will then pair you with another twosome for the session to make a four-person team. There will be the schedule of matches for you so she does the work for you. We make it easy for you so you cannot say no to Bocce. If you have not seen or played Bocce before, you can check out the fun at Oasis Park on the instructional days, October 27 and 28.

I have been notified that the Community Days Open House will not be held until November 14 this year, which is after our season begins on November 4. If you know of someone that wishes to play Bocce this fall, please let them know to contact Ellen in October for the first session starting on November 4-6. Registration for the scheduled league will not be held again until December/January.