Sun Lakes Pickleball Club at IronOaks Singles Championship

David Novikoff, Mike Mann and David Zapatka

David Novikoff, Mike Mann and David Zapatka

Sun Lakes Pickleball Club at IronOaks held its annual Singles Championships following the Mixed Doubles Championships. Since the singles competitors had just finished competing in the Mixed Doubles Championships all morning, this event was only for the hearty. Stamina and endurance were like a third opponent on the court for these brave men.

Newcomer Mike Mann made his presence known playing artfully covering the court with his youth and speed like no one else. Lefty David Novikoff, known for his spins, net balls and superbly disguised shots, put everyone to the test leaving it all on the court. Tournament-hardened David Zapatka brought his years of experience and strategy to the tournament hoping it would be enough to prevail against youth and guile.

Youth prevailed over guile in the bronze medal match as Mike Mann got the upper hand in a hard-fought match over David Novikoff. But in the gold medal match, David Zapatka’s experience was the deciding factor in eking out a narrow victory over Mike Mann.

All the Singles Championship participants agreed it was an excellent day on the courts and playing singles is competitive, fun and outstanding exercise. A well-deserved rest was earned by all.