Sun Lakes Posse Associates recycle program

Phyllis Swanson, Office Manager, Sun Lakes Posse Office Associates

Associates of the Sun Lakes Posse office are Dave Freeman, Tony Begich and Larry Stoner, recycle associates; and Phil Caliendo, medical equipment. Phil cleans and repairs the medical equipment.

We get very little revenue from the recycle program. We have the program as a service to the community. We have had one warning from the company that if we continue to put items in the bins that contribute to the breakage of their equipment, they will discontinue the service.

When you put items in the bins that cannot be recycled, the recycle associates have to go into the bins and pull out the items. They are not here every day or all day when items are placed in the bins.

Please do not put the following items in the recycle bins: Metal items, wood, plastic bags, all foam products, glass or any garbage. When putting in boxes, please break down the boxes. If the boxes are not broken down, they do not leave space for the other items.

If the company pulls the bins, we will have no choice but to discontinue the program. Please help us keep this service for the community. It is up to the Sun Lakes community if the program is continued.