Sun Lakes Posse medical equipment loan program and recycling bins


Phyllis Swanson, Sun Lakes Posse Medical Equipment Volunteer

Thank you to all the hard-working volunteers who work at the Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse office. The medical equipment loan program has grown over the years. In 2014, the number of items checked out to residents of Sun Lakes was less than 400. We are projecting over 2000 items will be loaned out in 2018.

We need your help in keeping this program running smoothly and efficiently for the residents of our community. When you return equipment, we ask that you return it on a day the office is open so the item can be checked in the computer by an associate. If it is not checked in by an associate, it will be noted as not being returned and you will go on the “Do Not Loan” list.

It is very important you return the equipment cleaned. We get potty chairs and other equipment returned that we should refuse. It is up the user to clean the equipment prior to returning it to the office.

We would like to thank the two HOAs that publish information on the medical equipment loan program in their local publications for the residents of their communities – Patti Johnson of Cottonwood Palo Verde and Michele Renahan of IronOaks.

Recycle Bins

An agreement has been reached so the recycle bins can remain on our lot for now. Please remember that items not to place in the recycle bins have not changed. No glass, foam products, plastic and garbage is allowed. It is now up to the residents to abide by the agreement so the recycle bins can remain on our lot. The recycle bins are a benefit to all residents of Sun Lakes. Be respectful and dispose of your waste in the proper receptacle, you can view bins to see which is the correct one to dispose the recycling waste into.

Winter office hours begin on November 5. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The office is closed on Fridays and holidays.