Sun Lakes Posse recycle program

When the residents or non-residents are putting items in our recycle containers that are not recycle items, the company may pull the service. When items such as garbage, lawn furniture, glass and mattresses – yes, we have had mattresses put in the bins, the recycle associates have to remove the items, cut it up and put it in our garbage cans. I hope this service can be continued, but I guess it is up to the residents of Sun Lakes. If you see something, please say something.

Also, remember we are not a landfill facility. Many items are put in the bin area that have to be cut up and put in our garbage cans by the recycle associates. All associates that provide the community with this service and other services are volunteers. We all are here to provide service to the community, and we will continue to do so unless the program is abused.

We do have surveillance cameras in this area, and we are going to start checking them to see who is abusing this program. We are asking all Sun Lakes residents to help us so we can continue this service.