Sun Lakes Putters results

Jo Bryant, Lady Putter’s Vice President. Jo is a longtime Cottonwood resident and Lady Putters member.

Jo Bryant, Lady Putter’s Vice President. Jo is a longtime Cottonwood resident and Lady Putters member.

Susan Gottschalk

The spring luncheon is March 27 in the San Tan Ballroom of Cottonwood.

Monday Flight:

1/12. Best Ball: Shauna Duncan

1/19. Norine Bassett, Duncan, Diana Laubenstein and Carol Lorenz

1/26. Best Ball: Bassett

2/02. Best Ball: Duncan, Jan Foldenaur and Lynn Tulis

Holes-In-One: 1st Pat Martin and Kathy Reis; 2nd Lori Becker; 3rd Kathi Bobek and Helen Richardson; 4th Jan Wagner, Lorenz, Bassett, Mary Lou Murdock and Camille Jasien; 5th Sharon Darnell and Sharon Guthro; 6th Darla Gallentine; 7th Susan Gottschalk, Laubenstein, Susan Powell and Foldenaur; 8th Bea Hadsell and Colleen Foley; 14th Duncan

Tuesday Flight

1/13. Kathy Mindnich, Monica Lovrien and Jeanne Purpura

1/20. Dot Haanes, Ilsa Moore, Dottie Altamore, Martha Lubeach, Lovrien, Lois Hauge and Alice Willittes

1/27. Rain

2/03. Lucille Forte, Shirley Humecki, Willittes and Lois Buttke

2/10. Laurie Burke, Cheryl Freeman and Anna Gay Pahlow

Holes-In-One: 1st Jane Cambridge, Buttke, Pat Prekel, Moore and Altamore; 2nd Eleanor Gold, Haanes, Hauge, Pahlow, Liz Allen, Humecki and Freeman; 4th Judy Schimpf; 5th Willittes; 6th Mary Jane Stubbe, Marie Sullivan and Burke; 7th Lovrien; 11th Mindnich;

Tuesday Oakwood Flight:

1/20. Pat Crocker, Peggy Raber, Cheryl Schaab and Hillary Thibodeau

1/27. Mary Ann Betti, Sharon Donavan-Reif, Ann Newton and Raber; Elaine Legoretta, Schaab, Leona Skeate and Shirley Werab

2/03. Marilyn Herdt, Shari Hurst, Donna Pratt and Marcia Wagoner; Dianna Milkint, Ann Newton and Wareb; Jan Abbey, Mardie Traver, Jan Wilkinson and Paula Zoccoli

2/10. Barb Frank, Legorreta, Ann Marcinowski and Raber; Shirley Arendt, Sheila Holland, Inez Kirscht and Joyce Stefanic

Holes-In-One: 1st Cheryl Ramier, Linda Kenney and Traver; 2nd Wareb, Barb Setto and Marcinowski; 3rd Paula Lauer, Holland, Jan Wilkinson, Wagoner, Frank, Arendt, Stefanic and Marjean Scheele; 4th Raber, Madeline Mazzie, Thibodeau, Legoretta, Donovan-Reif, Pat Crocker and Joan Sloan; 5th Norma McCullough; 6th Inez Kirscht, Skeate, Abbey, Herdt and Ann Testa; 7th Betti, Marge Duggan and Linda Breitback; 8th Schaab; 12th Carol Leavitt; 13th Eva Kolar and Hurst

Wednesday Flight:

1/14. Jackie Morgan, Marilyn Ast, Ronnie Wardell and Carol Wenger

1/21. Pam Grachan, Jo Bryant, Bobbie Wall and Wenger

1/28. Anna Mae Calgaro, Shirley Keating and Grachan

2/04. Calgaro, Wardell and Keating; Joan Westrack, Pat Weitzel and Laurie Lombardo

Holes in one: 1st Mary Ann Winters and Rose Ann Pantano; 2nd Ast, Jeanne Rouse, Donna Wolmutt and Carol Stagger; 3rd Grachan, Keating and Carole Elliott; 4th Marilyn Andrysiak, Westrack, Wardell and Como; 5th Joy Voight; 6th Pat Weitzel; 7th Marg Pippitt; 8th Jan Stuckey; 9th Calgaro

Thursday Flight:

1/15. Linda Barber, Sandra Hansen, Fran Schuring, Nina Scinto and Ruth Willoughby; Teddy Cole, Edite Evans, Arna Pagano and Joyce Winsyrg; Ellen Briggingham, Donna Harms, Bev Lundeen and Lu Walk

1/22. Barbara Bogar, Marilyn Brenner, Marcia Gaudioso and Penny Quinn; Lorraine Berg, Peggy Clapp, Anne Reyburn and Winsyrg

1/29. Kathleen Baldwin, Evans, Gaudioso and Pagano; Clapp, Harms, Fran Marolla and Betsy Wedeward; Anita Borger, Linda Haythorne-White, Jeri Henry and Sondra Moore

2/05. Bogar, Ann Gavin and Pagano

Holes-In-One: 1st Gail McCue, Hansen, Anne Reyburn, Ruth Willoughby and Jean LeGrand; 2nd Brenner, Clapp, Alice Bannerman, Brittingham, Kathleen Baldwin, Lucy Geller, Penny Quinn and Walk; 3rd Fran Schuring and Bogar; 4th Anita Borger, Marolla, Barber and Joyce Winsyrg; 5th Lorraine Berg, Haythorne-White and Pagano; 6th Lundeen and Evans; 7th Gaudioso and Henry; 8th Harms, Moore and Gavin