Sun Lakes Republican Club January 10 meeting

Carolyn McCorkle

The Sun Lakes Republican Club will feature “Polling and Elections-Where Do We Go from Here?” at its regular meeting Tuesday, January 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Arizona Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. The public is invited. This is a presentation that you will want to share with your friends and neighbors!

Were you surprised at the actual 2016 electoral results of the recent presidential election? How could the polls have been so wrong? Our first speaker will be Jim Woolery, who accurately predicted the exact number of electoral votes – 306 that President-elect Trump would receive. Jim’s presentation will provide a new perspective through which we can view future polls, by educating us on how polling should be done.

Jim Woolery is CEO of VTechnik Corporation, Co-Founder and former COO of MicroVault Corporation, former President and COO of Software Support Professional Association, who got his start at IBM. His extensive knowledge of software development, specializing in systems that deliver high volume real-time messages to mobile and embedded devices, gives Jim the expertise to help us understand how he got the election results right, when most pollsters got it wrong.

Our new Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives J.D. Mesnard will present his analysis of the recent statewide election results and share his vision and legislative priorities for the new Legislative Session which begins on January 9. J.D. Mesnard is our State Representative from Legislative District 17 (Chandler, Gilbert and Sun Lakes), having been re-elected to the Arizona House of Representatives for his fourth term.

Prior to running for office, J.D. spent eight years working at the Arizona Senate where he served as a policy advisor on issues ranging from education, transportation and retirement, to family services and government administration. He was the Senate Coordinator for the Legislators Back to School Program which brings civics to life by connecting legislators with classrooms to give kids of all ages a chance to talk about their ideas with the state legislators who represent them. The program is designed to motivate students to engage in politics, and help build personal links between schools and legislators while providing legislators an opportunity to observe what is going on in classrooms.

In addition to his degree in Music Composition from ASU, J.D. also holds two masters degrees, one in business and the other in Public Administration. While in graduate school, he was recruited to join with a professor and with Chief Economist and international speaker Dr. Barry Asmus to be a spokesman for the National Center for Policy Analysis (a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy think tank based in Texas and Washington D.C.). A resident of Arizona for over 20 years, J.D. is married to Holly and teaches political science as an adjunct professor at Mesa Community College.

For more information visit our web site at or contact Mike Tennant at 480-802-0178.