Sun Lakes resident writes first book

Sun Lakes author Mike Pavlic

Sun Lakes author Mike Pavlic

Mike Pavlik had been an art teacher and coach for 35 years in Lorain, Ohio before retiring to Sun Lakes in 2005. He enjoys and continues creating his wood artwork, playing golf, and now writing. He had his first book published – If You’re a Duffer, You’re OK in My Book. He realized he was not improving at golf but understood unless he practiced more, took lessons, and bought the best equipment, his game would not change. But these things take a lot of time and money and he chooses not to waste either. Although he is a duffer, he is always trying to improve his game with as little work as possible.

The book encourages all golfers to enjoy the freedom and challenge of the game with no regard to score since it is only a number. As you play, you also get to enjoy the great outdoors while encountering nature as you travel along and through sand, water, rocks, hills, trees, cacti, and high grass. These golfers take pleasure in the few good shots they make and realize the possibility of a really good round. The beautiful drive, excellent chip, and amazing putt all sandwiched between those other shots give you the good feeling to keep trying – hope springs eternal. These golfers also know the only person to blame for their play is themselves.

If You’re a Duffer, You’re OK in My Book includes checklists of experiences and definitions describing a duffer, a hole-by-hole round of duffer golf and how he plays each hole. While this book will not make you a better golfer, at least in the sense of lowering your score, it will help you enjoy each round a little more since you will realize you are not alone even if you don’t break 100. A section of the book allows you to record the memorable shots and best efforts that you have already achieved.

This book is for the golfer who just likes getting out with friends once or twice a week for a round of golf and for the golfer whose skills may need improvement. Basically, this book is for every amateur golfer who plays the game because golf never ceases to frustrate. The author wrote the book to deliver the message that it’s alright to be a duffer. The book encourages fellow golfers to be honest in evaluating their game, even if their skill levels are sub-par. Building on his own experiences, Mike highlights that although golf is a sport and a competition, a bad round should not spoil your day nor should it discourage you from enjoying a day out with friends and exploring the great outdoors.

The book presents a unique and personal examination of the game of golf by an ordinary player and tries to convince the high handicap golfer to not give up on the game they love.

The book is available at bookstores, clubhouses and at [email protected].