Sun Lakes Source Book™: What’s between the pages?

Remember how our children used to say “I’m bored,” or “there is nothing to do”? Well sometimes we adults can catch ourselves uttering those very words. Not to worry

Did you know that there are over 130 clubs and organizations in Sun Lakes just waiting for homeowners such as yourself to join in the fun? Well it’s true, and they are listed in the Sun Lakes Source Book.

Beginning on page 15, the activity guide is divided into sections based on the type of club or organization. For example, there are clubs devoted to all forms of arts and crafts, book clubs and discussion groups, cards and games, dance and music.

For the hobby lover, turn to page 18 and you will discover singing groups, computer, RV, sewing, model railroad, aeronautical, fishing, camera, garden, movie, metal detecting and travel clubs.

If singing and acting or even set design is your passion, Sun Lakes has a vibrant performing arts community. Page 20 lists the various performing arts organization to get involved with.

The religious and service organizations are plentiful. From familiar organizations to new ones unique to Sun Lakes you will find them listed on pages 20 through 23.

With our beautiful Arizona sunshine you can only imagine the plethora of sports clubs available to join. You’re just a phone call away from enjoying everything from golf and tennis to bowling, hiking, softball and even water volleyball – check out pages 24 and 25.

The opportunity for fun and rewarding activities in Sun Lakes is endless. New or long time residents – get the most out of your amazing community by joining a club or organization.

The only problem that might occur is you’re so busy there is no time to cook or clean – oh darn, no worries and easily solved. Check out the “Taste of the Town” section in the Splash for restaurant ideas and the classifieds for expert help at home.

May the source be with you!