Sun Lakes Source Book™: What’s between the pages? – April 2015

Getting to know your neighbors, fellow home state residents and unit members just got easier with the Sun Lakes Source Book.

Did you know that your homeowner listing appears in four different sections of the Sun Lakes Source Book? That is if you turned in your homeowner coupon for publication – see coupon below if you have not.

First, you’re listed the traditional way – alphabetically – see pages 37-142.

Second, homeowners are listed by the state from which they moved to Sun Lakes. This section is tremendously helpful when looking for fellow home state residents to socialize and reminisce with, set up a golf or tennis game, participate in annual state parties or simply to marvel that instead of shoveling snow right now you’re basking in the gorgeous Arizona sunshine. Start the conversation today – identify your fellow home state residents on pages 143-210.

Thirdly, your listing appears in an alphabetical street listing. What better way to get to know your immediate neighbors than by looking up your street listing and discovering who lives either next door or down the block? We have printed numerous stories in the Splash about homeowners discovering that their new neighbor was in fact an old neighbor from the block back home – what a small world! Check out this directory on pages 211-258 and then take a walk down the street and be pleasantly surprised.

Fourth and finally, you are listed according to the unit you purchased your home in. Most units have periodic meetings to learn about upcoming unit parties and events, construction/utility updates and HOA happenings. It’s important to stay informed about your unit – turn to pages 259-328.

Sun Lakes is a vibrant active community comprised of people from all over the world with varying backgrounds. Enrich your lives by getting to know who shares in this active lifestyle with you.

For new homeowners, don’t miss out on all the benefits and opportunities of listing your name in the Sun Lakes Source Book and for long time residents – update your listing if your circumstances have changed.

May the source be with you!