Sun Lakes Source Book™: What’s between the pages?

What to do with visiting family and friends?

Throughout the course of the year, this column will be devoted to dissecting the Sun Lakes Source Book from front to back to better educate you on what information can be found between the pages. While the source book might not have all the answers to your questions, we come pretty close.

With spring in the air, many of you will be hosting family and friends for long weekends. The question that comes up regularly is “What to do with visiting grandchildren and or friends?”

In the Valley and State Resource Guide of your 2015 Sun Lakes Source Book, there are numerous categories devoted to this very question. In the metropolitan Phoenix area alone, we are blessed with some of the most amazing museums in the country. On page 31 of the resource guide, you will find a comprehensive list of the top museums in the area. Turning to page 32, you will find a listing of the many performing arts venues in the area along with numerous popular points of interest in Arizona. On page 34 we have noted all the popular shopping destinations as well as sports and ticketing information. Rounding out the plethora of entertainment options is the category “Visiting Grandchildren ideas for entertainment” on page 35.

Bottom line, pages 31 through 35 of the resource section will give you enough ideas to keep the most demanding of guests entertained.

May the Source be with you!