Sun Lakes Sunday Dance Club says “Let’s go cruising”

John Yu and Ester Rita Adkins

John Yu and Ester Rita Adkins

John Yu

Question: What activity do Sun Lakers do as a group that’s most enjoyable but can’t be done in Sun Lakes? Don’t know? Well, let me give you the answer: “Cruising,” and I don’t mean driving slowly down Main Street in Mesa.

Coincidentally, it’s the best time to leave Sun Lakes as well … in the summertime. So, no time like NOW, a year in advance, to plan our great getaway from Sun Lakes on a cruise ship for 2018. We’d also like to invite the rest of Sun Lakes to join us on the cruise, whether you have friends who are members of our Sunday Dance Club or just want to go. We’ll be dining and dancing a lot. But you say you don’t like eating or dancing? Well, you can still come. You say you get seasick easily? Did you know there are pills and patches for that? You have a fear of drowning? Well, go watch the movie Titanic. You’ll realize you’d probably freeze to death before you drown. Really, doesn’t that sound better than our recent 120 degrees and getting heatstroke walking from Phase 1 to Cottonwood? Okay then

We have a choice of four cruises to pick from: Alaska, British Isles, Norway Fjords and New England/Canada. There are three ways to get more information: 1) Check out our website at for the cruise information, 2) then go to the cruise ships website and look up that particular cruise for detail and 3) come to our season opener dance on September 17, 2017, where our resident travel consultants Wade and Paula Cunkelman will be talking about the cruises in greater detail (at San Tan Ballroom). Who knows, you may enjoy yourselves whether you cruise or not.

Our Sun Lakes Dance Club will be voting on which cruise out of the four will be chosen as our “Dance Cruise” between now and October. If you think you’d like to join us and want to cast a vote, please feel free to email your vote to [email protected]