Sun Lakes Tennis Club Monthly Dinner and Meeting

Jerry Vance

Jan. 8 found the Sun Lakes Tennis Club enjoying our monthly dinner meeting in the Navajo Room at Sun Lakes Country Club. A delicious chicken, potatoes, salad, and vegetables meal was enjoyed, topped off with chocolate mousse cake. Members were all dressed up and enjoying each other’s company.

After the meeting, President Ed Campion was in charge with the Secretary’s Report provided by Faye Hayes and Treasurer’s Report by Tony Horn. Vice President Dan Thorsen thanked everyone for helping out at tournaments, and if anyone wants a club tennis shirt or hat see him. Tournament Director Rick Kendall reported a win against Cottonwood and a loss against SunBird.

There are three more tournaments coming up, so we need everyone to play. The Holiday tournament was lots of fun, and everyone is looking forward to the Hot Dog tournament on March 7. See you on the courts.