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The 2015/2016 officers of the Sun Lakes Tennis Club

The 2015/2016 officers of the Sun Lakes Tennis Club

Faye Haynes, Publicity

The election of officers for the Sun Lakes Tennis Club was held March 11 at the monthly business meeting. The new officers for 2015/2016 are Treasurer Paul Patterson, Vice President Dan Thorsen, President Mary Jane Robinson, Secretary Betty Dunn, Interclub Scheduler Denis White; Wayne Taylor will continue as tournament director.

The hosts for the potluck dinner were Betty Dunn, Bob Dunn and Mary Jane Robinson.

On March 7 the Cottonwood Tennis Club joined us on our courts for another fun-filled tournament. We were most pleased to take the honors with a 28-18 win. It’s always a delight to have our friends join us on our courts. The hosts for this event were Shirley Newcomer, Jessie Wagner, Pat Findlay, Gae Hall and Jerry Vance.

Members wishing to use the ball machine should contact either Dick Haynes or Ken Nelson for instruction if needed.

March 21 was a most active day. First, we played the March Madness Tournament followed in the evening with the annual Spring Fling at the Clubhouse. Once again, Nancy Boland and Jan McDonald were hostesses. They planned a terrific prime rib/ham dinner with entertainment furnished by Mr. B & The Blonde.

This wraps up the season. Safe journeys and we will see you in the fall.