Sun Lakes WaterMedia Club

Rose Sumners

The Art Room Gallery proudly presents the “Artist’s Choice,” a collection of various subjects and assortments of techniques. Watercolor and acrylic paintings, sand, shells, lace and netting collages all turn out as our members’ favorite creations – at least favorites for the day they were installed.

Our new member joined last year and immediately departed for her summer in Montana. Mona Gray comes to Sun Lakes following many years in Tempe. While there, Mona spent 12 years as a docent at the Phoenix Art Museum, eventually reaching the level of Master Docent. We now proudly tap her broad knowledge of art for our own development.

Club recent activities included the sharing of methods learned from previous workshops. Diane Hitt and Barbara Burns demonstrated spectacular applications of bright acrylic colors as the basis for the more spectacular “Birds.” Adding glazes displayed extreme, but easily accomplished, modifications to each painting.

Diane Hitt showed what art can be created with chains (made for ceiling fans) and string dipped in acrylic paint pulled across paper. The trick is to choose the right assortment of colors as one moves these odd materials in artistic swaths.

The WaterMedia Club meets Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Art Room in the Cottonwood Country Club atrium. We welcome painters wishing to join our very positive and engaging group. For more information, please come and visit on Tuesday or call Diane Hitt at 480-802-7080.