Sun Lakes Watermedia Club “Active Painters”

Bird of Paradise by Sylvia Nelson

Bird of Paradise by Sylvia Nelson

Rose Sumners

The arrival of our busy season brought a new show in the Painting Room at Cottonwood. We invite you to come and view varied subject matter in “Artist’s Choice.” From the warm cabin atmosphere of the Retriever beside a draped flag, to the 18th hole, to the abstract are displayed.

Founding member Dick Weidner, past president, talented artist and humorist extraordinaire, has informed us health issues no longer allow him to actively participate in club activities. We will miss Dick’s presence greatly, as well as his landscapes, pueblos, and other southwest subject matters created from his imaginative and creative mind.

Our esteemed President Celeste Strom passed the gavel to new President Diane Hitt. These two ladies continue to almost single handedly enable our club to function. Thank you Celeste for your hard work and dedication.

The annual meeting to name themes for the next 12 months of shows again challenged us to produce subject matter outside our comfort zones. Look forward to paintings of “purple and blue,” “four seasons,” “People” and more.

Some of you came to see our fall atrium show to find we had canceled too late to notify you. We apologize for your inconvenience and hope you, like us, will look forward to our April show.

Call Diane Hitt at 480-802-7080 for Watermedia Club information.