Sun Lakes Women’s Assoc. news

Colleen McKnight

The Sun Lakes Women’s Association is the oldest sanctioned club within Sun Lakes. Started in 1974, it began as the Volunteer Firefighter Women’s Auxiliary, but changed its name after just a few months. It is now, as first created, a free membership association of all women living in Sun Lakes, CW/PV and IronOaks. We have recently summarized our mission into the motto, Busy Hands Building Strong Friendships and Communities.

In the 42 years the SLWA has existed it has been busy! Very close to $1 million has been donated to our Sun Lakes communities over that time. All the money cleared from the large yearly bazaar in November, the many raffles during the years, ongoing yearly sales and annual golf tournament is donated back. The only requirement is that all donations benefit all the Sun Lakes communities. This year we became our own 501(c)(3) so collecting donations is an easier process and donations are tax deductible.

Some of the largest projects we’ve funded to date are close to our heart – the Sun Lakes Fire Department has received over $125,000. Our security, including the Sheriff’s Posse, has received nearly $200,000. Neighbors who Care, and its predecessors have received approximately $50,000. Exercise equipment and equipping handicap accessibility needs in our communities received $200,000 worth of help from SLWA. It’s hard to imagine what dues would be without the help of these hard working, generous ladies.

With a free membership, counting actual members is difficult. We would like to include every woman, both owners and renters in our rolls. We will soon be having a membership drive in association with our new website rollout. Please consider joining this great group by attending our meeting on the second Monday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the Arts and Crafts Room of Sun Lakes Country Club. Our next meeting will be February 8.

Everyone can help the organization (and through it their community) by donating good used items. We accept furniture and household items in good condition. You can arrange a pickup by calling 480-895-9270 ext. 22; helping with the pickups – here we constantly need the help of some strong men! If you would like to volunteer call the donation phone line and leave your contact information and we’ll be in touch. We especially need help on Wednesday, pickup donation day; supporting our efforts, which are ongoing through the year.

March 6 – SLWA Golf Tournament at Palo Verde. If interested in playing please contact Diane at 602-570-6620.

April 16 – Our mini-bazaar of furniture, book and bake sale at the Saturday Market in the SLCC parking lot

Flower arrangements are always for sale in the SLCC lobby