Sun Lakes Women’s Association

Ellie Clark

Many of you are familiar with the Sun Lakes Women’s Association and its good works. The group works year round gathering useable items for resale at the annual Bazaar each November. They pick up, clean up, price and pack these items each Monday, during our regular meeting sessions, and at other times, as required. Sometimes they pack up and empty a house that has just finished an estate sale.

In addition to this group of hard workers, there are the crafters, who spend much of their time trying to come up with new or novel ideas for items to sell at our bazaar. They knit, crochet, hand sew, quilt, do needlepoint, design floral items, paint, etc.

Moneys realized from the sale of these items are donated to our HOA’s, and community groups when the purpose of the funding is for the benefit of those who reside in Sun Lakes Communities. Organizations submit requests and they are presented to the membership for a vote at regular meetings.

For the past 15 years I have been a member of this organization. I’m one of the crafters. I have another benefit of this organization to pass along to you. This benefit has nothing to do with gathering, selling, appropriating funds, no, nothing like that. This is a benefit that money couldn’t buy. You see, as I’ve observed these past years there is a spirit of comraderie that exists among the members. We’ve been meeting, knitting, etc., and chatting among ourselves. We exchange stories about our families, our travels, our medical problems, etc. We all grieve for the loss of a spouse or family member. Some of our ladies have outlived their families and friends or they live across the country, and this Monday morning get-together is really the only place they have to go to visit, eat cookies, drink coffee, stitch and chat. Many of the members get together for lunch after the meeting. Some come back after lunch and play Mexican Train.

At our table we do get into “organ recitals,” that’s where we exchange information about our latest ailments. Often times we wind up feeling better upon hearing from someone who had the same problem and it is now gone.

Yes, it’s much more that the Women’s Association making substantial donations for the benefit of our Sun Lakes Communities. It’s a place for some of us to be. A place for some of us to laugh. A place where some of us might be able to add to the lives of others as we exchange our respective life stories.

We welcome new members. Drop in sometime and you too might find yourself enjoying some time with others just like you.