Sun Lakes Women’s Association

Ellie Clark

So much news and so little space, but I’ll try to squeeze in the pertinent things we should all find of some interest.

Our annual Christmas Luncheon was a huge success. Chairman Linda Martin did a great job. The barbecued food helped too. It is a nice occasion and gives each member an opportunity to visit without either a pair of knitting needles or a dish in her hand, as is the case during our weekly get-togethers.

Some of the firemen and other men who helped so much during our bazaar were invited, so we could thank them officially for their tremendous contribution to our annual fundraiser.

We may have to make some significant changes in the bazaar, including the possibility of having to hold it someplace else. This is due to the fact that the HOA has advised that they want us to handle everything outside the clubhouse in the covered parking area. This presents us with a dilemma, but we’re working on a resolution.

Again, as we wish all of our Sun Lakes communities a Happy New Year, we thank you for your contributions and participation in our efforts to help better our respective communities.