The Sun Lakes Women’s Association has a new website

The Sun Lakes Women’s Association has a new website! The site has just been unveiled, and still has many features to be added, but it’s definitely a start!

We are thrilled to now be able to communicate with you, our very generous neighbors. Now there is an easy place for all Sun Lakes residents to set up a donation. And on the webpage you’ll see a slideshow of our donation history. Our history is what all your generous donations have accomplished.

Speaking to our members is also very important to our association. On the website now there is a Members page. This page may eventually be password protected as more information is posted, but for now all can see what’s happening with the association.

Other pages will tell you about us and our fundraising events. As you can see, many members are needed to keep this going all year.

Another page will tell you how to request funds from our association. We are always looking for good causes that further our mission – to keep Sun Lakes’ residents healthy and secure. If you belong to a club or organization that helps others, or see a need within your community, consider requesting funds. It’s easy to do on-line now.

On the front webpage there are three very important buttons: Donate, Help and Join. Each of these buttons is just a way for you to help your community and neighbors. It feels good to give or help and we hope you’ll push those buttons often – thank you! The Sun Lakes Women’s Association;