Sun Lakes Women’s Association news and events

Doti Breyen

We are all wondering what happened to June; seems we were kept busy enough at the same time, trying to stay cool. We are hoping you were doing the same.

We did have some activity with our donations; we funded the Recumbent Bike for the Women’s Fitness Center at Sun Lakes Country Club after looking at an exerpeutic recumbent bike review. There has been lots of activity in the Association moving forward towards a new fitness facility. We want to encourage any and all plans for the betterment of health and fitness for our homeowners. One step in the right direction.

The Spring Fling Golf Tournament Committee was busy securing a date for our 2016 tournament. We want to thank The Cottonwood Palo Verde Country Club Board of Directors for their unanimous approval of March 6, 2016. Dianne Lyon will be heading our committee again this year. If you are interested in helping with the tournament please contact Dianne at 602-570-6620.

We are wanting to give a huge thank you to our Haul-a-Men, Bernie Breyen, David Delgado, Charlie Enders and Jim Hodges. They have worked above and beyond to collect and store all our treasures for our Bazaar being held November 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2015. This has been a hot season for our tireless workers and I am including the women of the rescued treasures who have packed up and performed in hot and dusty houses.

Some of our homeowners may not realize the service we provide, where we will come in and pack out household items and furniture after the homeowner has left (items need to be gently used). Our real estate sales people and families have come to appreciate our service. I have received countless compliments on our work. We have found this to be a win-win situation for all concerned. Call 480-895-9270 ask for the Sun Lakes Women’s Association or call Doti at 480-883-3360 for a donation pick up or pack out.

We are still enjoying our Monday mornings in the SLCC Arts and Crafts room. The work never stops. Our regular meeting will resume in September.

Thank you Sun Lakes for your donations. We wish everyone a great August, stay cool.