Sun Lakes Women’s Association News and Happenings

Connie Hogan, President, Sun Lakes Women’s Association

The Sun Lakes Women’s Association has been an ongoing organization for all of the five communities in Sun Lakes, Ariz., since the 1970s. There are many responsibilities that fall upon these women who are members of this club. When a resident is moving from their home because they cannot maintain their lifestyle, the ladies manage to assist the families or friends with moving their belongings. Sometimes, the residents donate their belongings to the Women’s Association. Gentlemen who volunteered were also available to help move and pick up certain items. We welcome these gentlemen who donate their time to help. Talent within this club never goes unnoticed. Many of our members make beautiful crocheted items, knitting, sewing, and floral arrangements. For the past years, in November, a huge sale is advertised, and many beautiful items, furniture, etc., are available for sale. Because of the pandemic, many of the activities were canceled, including the major November sale at Sun Lakes. Behind the scenes, organizing the items, pricing, and displays are prepared the night before the sale. This sale usually is held for two days. There are no words that could even acknowledge the work, the time, the effort, and, most of all, the devotion that is spent during these sales. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind of the volunteer service this association provides.

Many questions are presented regarding the proceeds that come from all the sold items. There have been times when someone would donate money to the organization instead of purchasing an item. The organizations who benefit are the Sun Lakes Fire Department, Deputy, and Posse, medical needs were distributed when needed, all five communities here at Sun Lakes for specific needs, Neighbors Who Care, and an organization called The Perfect Place. The Sun Lakes ladies make woolen scarves and hats to distribute to the local schools.

This club has been outstanding over the past years, which includes members who have shown up each and every Monday to talk about what their next adventure could be. These members, whether male or female, give their time and effort to continue helping for a good cause. The talents these women and men have are known even outside our circle. For instance, this group of ladies knit, crochet, and sew. They contribute handmade, soft fabric pillows donated to doctors who can distribute these items to their patients, doctors’ offices, schools, and the disabled. Whenever possible, they gather up cans of soup, vegetables, toilet articles, and medicinal items.

Should I continue? There is not enough honor to pay to these members of the Sun Lakes Women’s Association. In fact, there are not enough words to express what they do for the welfare of others.

We look forward to meeting with each other weekly and donate handy, craft-made items and their time.

At the Open House, which was held this past October, a number of women were interested in joining our group. To those who read this article, please drop by and join us. We meet every Monday morning at 9 a.m. in the Arts and Craft Room in Sun Lakes Country Club.

The members of the Sun Lakes Women’s Association would thank those who would like to keep this organization afloat and keep helping those in need of our service. Without you, there could not be us. Hope to see you soon.