Sun Lakes Woodcarvers – come join the fun

Lou Martin is one of the masters of the Cottonwood Woodcarvers. As you can see, he is currently chiseling, sanding and detailing a golfer in clever attire. His earlier completed kachina would warrant ooh’s and ahh’s from any art aficionado.

Dianne Winenger

A number of our members are very skilled and quite willing to share ideas and guidance should you wish to test your talent in this fun and rewarding creative endeavor. Several types of wood are recommended for beginners, and if you stop by, we might have something you could start with for a project. All that is needed is a carving knife, and they’re easy to find. A number of finished pieces are on continual display.

We’re in the Ceramics Room Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Contact Wally Jasien at 480-895-8281 or Margaret Ryan at 480-802-6535.