Sun Lakes Writers’ Group


Gina Witcraft

They say most accidents happen in the home and I suppose the garage is included but I never thought of a trash can as being a hazard. Well, they are if you are short.

While trying to retrieve a receipt, which I had mistakenly thrown away I leaned into our trash can and the son of a gun grabbed me and sucked me right in, headfirst. There I was A over teakettle! All my wiggling around to put my feet on the cement only made me slide deeper in, scraping my ribs in the effort. I tried to get my arms and hands up while hanging from my hips, bottoms up, so to speak but that didn’t work either. The garage door was closed or I could have yelled for help. On second thought, I didn’t want for anyone to see me in that embarrassing position. Yes, it is possible to have second thoughts while hanging upside down in a trash can. I tried rocking back and forth to get my feet on the cement but the sharp edge of the plastic was doing painful damage to my stomach and hips.

While staring at the bottom of the bin I said to myself, “Let’s think this through.” The bin is wedged against the step on one side and the wall and a steel shelf on the other two sides so the only opening was to my right. My choices were limited but with the blood rushing to my upside down head and not wanting my husband to open the garage door to find me in this condition, what’s a body to do? With a deep breath and one mighty heave I threw myself against the side of the bin and fell, splat onto the floor with potato peelings and goboons hanging from my hair. Bruised, smelly, freedom at least and a giggle that turned into a laughing jag.

We Okies can find the humor in 70 mile an hour wind storms, tornadoes and four car funerals.

Breakfast at the Hanger Café

Yvonne L. White

“Let’s get up early and vote tomorrow. The voting starts at 6 a.m.” I said to Jim.

I awoke at 5:30 a.m. and lay in bed until 5:35. Jim reluctantly got up.

“We can wait for breakfast and after voting we can go to Chandler’s Hanger Café.” Jim exclaimed.

We voted and drove to the airport arriving at 6:50 a.m. the café opens at 7 a.m. the sign read. The door was open so we went in and the waitress said, “You can choose a table and have a cup of coffee but can’t order until after 7 a.m.” Two other tables had coffee only.

I always get the Hanger special – two eggs scrambled, hash browns, and sourdough toast. Jim gets pancakes.

All of a sudden my eye caught the bright sun rising for the day. What a way to begin a day!

I love the back to the ‘40s or ‘50s of the café with the old metal signs. Jim and I grew up in a small town in Michigan and enjoyed boing to Clements Airport. It was in a hanger and there was also a hanger which was a warming house for ice skating. We also have a small airport near our home in Minnesota and each year we go to a pancake breakfast on Father’s Day put on by Civil Air Patrol. Neither has a nice welcoming café for the public!

As we were eating our breakfasts several small planes took off and landed. The waitress said, “The airport teaches people to pilot helicopters. They learn to hoover and fly, touch down, fly and repeat several times.”

It was 7:30 a.m. when I said, “Let’s go and see if we can see the little owls.” We drove on Airport Road to Queen Creek and McQueen.” It was by one of the airstrips where four planes were getting instructions of when to take off.

We walked along the canal on the Paseo Trail. As we passed the feed lots Jim said, “The little owls are in rock piles starting just after the bend in the trail. Remember to look for rock piles with a white tube sticking out. The owls aren’t any bigger than some of the rocks.” We looked at about 10 piles and never saw an owl. Last year we saw several.

As we returned to our car it was only 8:30 a.m. Several cars were lined up going into the city. How blessed to have a retirement when we can start our morning at the Hanger Café and a chance to look for owls and move at our own pace.

Moments in Time

Margaret Daniels

Stop the world. I want a do over. I was about eight years old. My parents went to visit a family at Big Rock. Their big white house sat on a small hill across from the gas station and grocery store they owed. They had one daughter about my age. She had every play toy that money could buy.

Of all her toys, the one that captivated my attention was her dancing doll that was the same size as me. In my eyes, he was handsome. His hands and feet had elastic bands designed to connect to my feet and hands so we could dance together. As soon we went through the doors, I looked for that doll. I would attach the dancing doll and we would be dancing together until my parents wanted to go home. I was in my own magical world, trilling and swaying the time away.

Stop the world. I want a do over. Special moments occurred when my two boys were born. The joy and magic of that season of life went by so quickly. The three of us had so much fun; playing and learning together, laughing and just enjoying the charm of those moments. The enchantment of those years still remains in my mind. However, the renewal of a new generation has appeared called grandchildren and the cycle has begun over again.

Stop the world. I want a do over. Learning to dance later in life was fun and a delight. It brought such joy moving to music and meeting interesting people. Oh, the stories that could be told. Probably more important are the things that I personally learned about myself while the music played on.

Stop the world. I want a do over. A scene has appeared to me while in California at an amusement park by the sea. The carrousel with its elegant colored horses going up and down, around and around with music drifting amidst the riders and horses. Mirrors and carved designs on the inner part of the carrousel flashed by as the horse rides on. The blur of people on the outside watched as it turns. Sitting on my horse, going up and down, around and around put me into a fairy tale story that has been passed down through the ages where the people live happily ever after.

When things get too hectic, we want to stop our own world just to have a do over because things were so simple and pleasant back then. But as one reflects or reviews the situation, you realize that if we just enjoy our current moments, we can again experience that childlike joy.

Moments savored throughout the day leads to a happy and contented life. It is more important than ever to just relish those moments during the time we have left before the music stops.


Carolyn Dussault

When I woke this morning I was thankful for that

All my parts were working, and I stretched like a cat

I looked at the clock, as I rolled out of bed

I slid down on my knees, and bowed my head

Thank you Lord for another day

I asked for HIS guidance as I started to pray

My petitions are simple and not about me

I just request blessings for my family

Life is a challenge as I age

It resembles a story, with today a new page

After I drink my coffee, I’m off to the gym

The bike and aerobics will help me get trim

I feel so much better, and boy; I do sweat

It still beats lounging in front of the TV set

Yes, the knees and back can become stiff and sore

Tet, I thank Him again for my blessings galore

I know it’s all about a positive attitude

I thank him again, with a genuine gratitude