SunBird Singers Fall Schedule

Jim McCutcheon

The SunBird Singers and Ringers plan to present their annual Christmas Concert Dec. 8 and 9. The first rehearsal is planned for Oct. 11 at 3 p.m. in the SunBird ballroom. Whether we will be able to proceed as planned will depend on what COVID-19 restrictions are still in effect in October. We encourage you to mark the dates on your calendars—in pencil, of course!

If you were a member of the Singers last year, you will receive one or more emails with updates during the summer. If you would like to join either the Singers or the Ringers and have questions about what is entailed, please contact one of the three directors: Kim Hansen at 253-229-0453, Mike Hansen at 253-906-1743, or Pat Miller at 480-707-3984.