Super September for PVLGA

Liz DeMichael

The Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) had a great time playing golf in September, made sweeter by friends, weather, and the fun games we played. Check it out…

9/03. Pro’s Choice. Only nine holes counted toward the final score in the Pro’s Choice tournament. But the nine holes were selected by the club pro before play began. All I have to say is, darn him on his choices! The winners were Flight #1: Jan Nelson (28.5), Donna Purcell and Vallerie Verbeck (tied – 30.5); Flight #2: Jerry Jordan (30), Noella Bannister and Vicki Bottiglieri (tied – 32).

9/10. T’s and F’s. It sounds like cussing, but it’s not. In this tournament, only the holes starting with the letters “T” and “F” counted towards the final score. The winners were Flight #1: Pat Tjosvold (22.5), Carol Ruff (27), and Jan Nelson (27.5); Flight #2: Diana Ridd (24.5), Anita Barber (25.5), and Cathy Brabant and Jan Stuckey (tied – 27.5).

9/17. Las Vegas Scramble. The PVLGA were rollin’ the dice to determine whose drive was used on each hole. If we rolled a 5, the best drive was used. A 6 allowed us to re-roll the dice to select the drive used. The winners were First: Liz DeMichael, Bonnie Moore, Jan Stuckey, and Shirley Trusal (44.5); Second: Anita Barber, Vicki Bottiglieri, Carole Guild, and Wanda Johnson (44.75); Third: Nancy Hermanson, Judy Hester, Shirley Hutchings, and a Phantom Player (45).

9/25. O-N-E-S. The ladies counted the results on only the holes starting with O-N-E-S toward their final scores, even though they played a full round. Someone could have a great day, but not necessarily on the holes that counted. This ol’ gal knows all about that! The winners were Flight #1: Jan Nelson (30), Cindy Bosch, Sherri Butler, Carole Guild, and Mary Nelson (tied – 33); Flight #2: Jerry Jordan (31.5), Julie Curran (32), and Christy Thomas (33).