Take the quiz: Find out if New Adventures is for you!

Liz Morque


1. Are you an older adult?

2. Do you want a healthy brain?

3. Would you like to meet other dynamic seniors?

4. Do you have a wide range of interests?

5. Would you like to get in out of the hot sun?

If you answered yes to the questions in the above quiz you are a person who should check out New Adventures in Learning. New Adventures is a learning program for seniors offered by the community college at Riggs Road and Alma School. Trust me! That is not just a medical center. It is also Chandler Gilbert Community College with classes open to residents of Sun Lakes, Solera, SunBird and the surrounding area.

If you have an interest in history, science, finance, the arts and more, New Adventures offers classes that will keep the brain active – just what the medical experts say is needed to keep brain healthy. The classes are held in an easy-to-access, state-of –the-art,  air-conditioned facility. You can stay cool and be cool with all the information you will learn in the classes. You will be joining a large community of active seniors as nearly 500 people are already members of New Adventures.

Don’t delay – check us out. Call New Adventures at 480-857-5500 or you can stop by for a visit at 25105 South Alma School Road. You can also visit our web site at www.newadventures.info.