Tennis Tip from Coach Kwong

We all know that one must return a ball that is hit onto your side of the court unless it is out of your reach, you feel it is going to land out, or when serving and it happens to be a bad toss. In the latter case, one should re-toss the ball. Do not take the chance of hitting a bad toss and then try to fix it. Simply stop your intent to swing your racket, striking the ball during your service motion. Just like baseball when we see the batter about to swing and they don’t, because something about the pitch did not appeal to them, similar to the tennis serve. A server must know where to place the toss. If you don’t like the self-toss, then one must do the following actions: 1) catch the tennis ball in the air or let it bounce, then catch it with your hand or 2) catch the ball in the air or let it bounce using your racket.

Remember when serving, if you swing, then it was an intent to strike and, due to this action, in the event you miss the ball for whatever reason (bad timing, blinded by the sun, windy condition), it then counts as a serve.