Tennis Tips from Coach Kwong

I cannot thank the practice wall enough! In my early years it helped me develop my skills, forcing me to think, react quicker, and get into a hitting rhythm.

Many players will either play sets or use a ball machine, which unfortunately could lead to bad form when they “rehearse the curse.” If you only play, it doesn’t help improve on technique, good form, or balance, which the touring pros possess.

The wall gave me a great workout in a very short period as opposed to typical 1.5-hour match play. I learned to shorten my backswing, how to move my feet more, adjust the racket, and get back into the “ready position.” The practice wall was a great practice partner for me. Any day, any time it is ready to help you build your skills on groundstrokes, volleys, serves, and overheads. Another tip is to use old or low compression balls so that it doesn’t come back so quickly. You also won’t need to hit the ball as hard, and you can focus on your shot returns.

If you use the practice wall properly, it is excellent for hand-eye coordination, and hits become second nature for those times when you don’t have a lot of time to think about your hit. No one has ever beaten the wall, but it has been proven to help you beat your opponents!