The 10th annual Halloween Pet Party was a success

Sandi Bargioni and Judy Gahide, Co-Sponsors/Hosts

Carmen Miranda, the Brazilian samba singer, dancer and film star from the 1930 to 1950 era, and her little Mini Me Yorkie made a guest appearance at this year’s Pet Party. Their signature fruit hats were exceptionally clever and colorful. The crowd enthusiastically applauded their win, and we feel they were the best costumes ever in the 10 years we’ve hosted the Halloween Pet Party.

We want to thank SLS Landscaping for grilling hot dogs and providing chips and sodas to all attendees. Also, our Facilities staff deserve recognition, as they always ensure the winter rye is planted timely, which provides a picturesque setting. Lastly, we so appreciate everyone supporting Rover’s Rest Stop over the years.

As Sandi and I retire from hosting this event, we entertain fond memories of spectacular weather, attendance beyond our expectations and incredibly creative homeowners who made this event a success. Also, we are grateful to our many friends who served as judges and helped coordinate behind-the-scenes needs.

Next year, the IronOaks HOA will host this event, so Sandi and I hope to mingle with all of you once again from a different perspective.