The Elbow Shake

Dale Fanzo

A new way to show that we are all in,

Get on the dance floor let us begin.

Take a two-step move to the left side,

Make sure your partner, does not go wide.

Slide to the left and then one step up,

Clap your hands, forming a cup.

Stamp your feet, as hard as you can take,

Come together and to do the elbow shake.

Now social distance, six foot it must be,

Elbows extended and bend your knees.

Shake your booty, from left to right,

Look at the ceiling, to the white bright lights.

Stand up and turn yourself around,

Make that kiss face let out a hoot sound.

Shake your head, looking at your mate.

Come together and do the elbow shake.

Our dance is not the limbo or the twist,

The waist don’t move instead we bump fist.

Close your eyes think positive vibes,

Life is good, we be moving side by side.

Open your eyes wide as can be,

Shout three words, Freedom, USA, Liberty.

Nod your head up and down a positive take,

Come together and do the elbow shake.

Our masks have colors and various style.

They cover our nose and our bright smile.

Shake your finger at your dance mate,

This virus will not be our fate.

From Phoenix to Nashville, we do our dance,

This is our way of taking a stance.

Now go to your neighbors for goodness sake!

Come together and do the elbow shake.

Stay safe, stay well, stay smiling.