The fire department does what?

What little boy or girl didn’t want to be a firefighter? At Sun Lakes, we are fortunate to have two Fire Departments! Everybody knows that they fight fires and help with medical injuries. A few years ago, a young fireman at Sun Lakes was asked if he was disappointed because he didn’t get to fight so many fires, as much as taking care of seniors with medical emergencies. His response was an honest one. “Yeah, at first. But then I started enjoying serving the people in this community. Now I love it!”

Did you know our firefighters give financial support of supplying individuals with food, water and supplies? Or paying for hotel rooms for a couple of nights due to homes being damaged by fire, water, or other emergencies? Maybe you didn’t know that our firefighters have also paid for air conditioning repairs and utility bills in the sweltering heat for people in need.

Behind the scenes every day are little kindnesses provided by our own first responders that go above and beyond their normal duties. Yes, they get paid to do their jobs of fighting fires and taking care of medical emergencies. But there is a misunderstood fund that Sun Lakes residents raise money for every year. The firefighters use that fund to benefit all of us. It is the Sun Lakes Firefighters Emergency Relief Fund (SLERF). Does it sound familiar? It should.

Art at the Lakes is coming on Saturday, March 5. The event raises several thousand dollars every year for SLERF so that these men and women get to do more than fires and medical emergencies. By buying raffle tickets, silent auction items and the burgers and hotdogs our firefighters sell, we are contributing to the fund that supports our community. SLERF also helps public safety members and their families for on and off-duty deaths and serious accidents and other charitable causes. Now you know. Way to go, Sun Lakes!

A little trivia: Last year 86 artists participated in Art at the Lakes. Each artist donated at least $40 for SLERF. Hundreds of hot dogs and hamburgers were sold. All food items were donated by our local grocery stores in support of Art at the Lakes. Thank you everyone! Can we do it again?